Prayer Focus

You are asked to please remember the following in your prayers ;

3rd July:

The war in Ukraine.  We pray for everyone affected by the war: particularly the 
residents who have been wrenched from their homeland, or those remaining by choice or 
lack of opportunity to leave.  We pray for the negotiators, politicians and diplomats for a 
lasting, just solution to the war. 

10th July:

URC Big Day Out. –e pray for the URC and the Eastern“ynod’s Big Day Out on 

16th July.

 May everyone who attends catch the enthusiasm of belonging to a group wanting 
to serve you; and return with renewed strength and inspiration to continue in your way, 
passing on the spirit of the day. 

17th July:  

Holiday at Home.  We pray for our Holiday at Home taking place this week.  We 
pray for the organisers and church members there to provide a listening ear, a friendly face 
and a welcome.  We pray for those who want company, occupation and variety from a 
restricted way of life, whether that is because of age, disability or means.  And we pray for 
those in between – church members who give their time and gifts, and receive 
companionship and self-worth in return. 

24th July:

Summer Holidays. We pray for all our school-aged children and students who are 
starting their summer holidays. Thank you, Lord for rest, relaxation, warm weather and 
chances to recharge batteries.  We pray also for those children and families for whom 
holidays are fraught with problems – of relationships, or finance, or expectations.  Give us 
opportunities to encourage families and relieve the burden from hard-pressed parents. 


1st  August: We pray for our youth organisations as they prepare for the Autumn 
session. We ask that vacancies for leaders will result in new people coming forward.

8th  August:

We remember FIND as the call for help with feeding  families has 
increased and pray that the generosity shown will continue. 

15th  August:

As our young people receive their exam results, we pray for them as they 
decide on their future education plans. 

22nd August:

We remember our deacons and church officers and those who co-
ordinate church activities as we move forward to a resumption of activities in the 

29th August:

 As we welcome Neil and his family back ,we give thanks for all who have 
served us over the past months.