Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Young People and Children
As one of its major activities Christ Church seeks to serve the needs of young people, promoting holistic development.
In doing so, Christ Church takes seriously the welfare of all young people and children who come on to its premises or who are involved in its activities.
Christ Church aims to ensure that they are welcomed into a safe, caring, Christian environment with a happy and friendly atmosphere.
Christ Church recognises that it is the responsibility of each one of its staff, paid and unpaid, to prevent the neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse of young people and children and to report any abuse discovered or suspected.
Christ Church recognises its responsibility to implement, maintain and regularly review procedures, which are designed to prevent and to be alert to such abuse.
Christ Church is committed to supporting, resourcing and training those who work with young people and children and to providing supervision.
Christ Church is committed to maintaining good links with the statutory child care authorities.

The church has appointed:

a)As Designated Persons for Safeguarding

Mrs Janet Austin (01473 251656)

Mr Andrew Osborne (01473 843713)

They will advise the church on any matters related to the safeguarding of children and take the appropriate action when abuse is disclosed discovered or suspected

b)As Safeguarding Trustee

Mr Robert King (01473 413424)

He will oversee and monitor the implementation and procedures on behalf of the church’s charity trustees. When possible the Safeguarding Team will work together if and when issues arise.



approved at Church Meeting 28 September 2006
Policy re-affirmed at Church Meeting 28 May 2009
Policy last approved by Church Meeting on 25th October 2019
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