Prayer Focus

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Prayer Calendar for March

3rd March

As we think about Fair Trade we pray for the time when all will be paid fairly for their work. May our relative wealth and the goods we choose to buy not be at the expense of the poverty of others. We pray now for all those who work hard for little reward, and for justice and compassion in our trade.

10th March

On Mothering Sunday we give thanks for our mothers, grandmothers and all women who have cared for us and taught us. We think of mothers who today are struggling with the demands of bringing up their children, because of their financial situation, difficult relationships, poor mental health or inadequate housing. May they find the support they need so that they can enjoy being the mother they want to be to the children they love.

17th March

We give thanks for all the signs of spring and the pleasure they give us. For spring flowers, the greening of the trees, warmth and spring rains. But our weather and seasons are threatened by climate change and so we pray  urgently for actions throughout the world to combat global warming. May we do all we can to protect your precious creation.

24th March

As we enter Holy Week, may we grasp anew the truths of the Easter story. Travelling through the familiar story, may our faith and commitment deepen.

31st March

We thank God for new life in all its forms. For new opportunities, energy restored after illness, the birth of a child, the new growth in spring after the cold of winter and that every morning brings a new day. We give praise and thanks for God’s creative and sustaining power.


Prayer Calendar for April

7th April

Today is World Health Day and the theme is "My health, my right", chosen to champion the right of everyone, everywhere to have access to quality health services, education, and information, as well as safe drinking water, clean air, good nutrition, quality housing, decent working and environmental conditions, and freedom from discrimination.   Lord, we know that for so many people this isn't what they have.  When we look at this list there are so many things that need fixing and it's easy to despair.  We pray for everyone trying to make a difference.  Help us do what we can to make a difference too.

14th April

As we enjoy the lighter evenings, we give thanks and praise for creation and the changing of the seasons.  Help us not to fill the time with more busyness but show us your peace, Lord.  Help us find space and time to rest and to listen to your still small voice of calm.

21st April

As we think about Earth Day this week, guide us towards the changes that we each can make to reduce the use of plastics.  We pray for governments and industry to find better ways, and for us to strengthen our resolve to make the right choices.  

28th April

We pray for young people getting ready for exams.  Help them to stay calm and determined.  May they be able to show the best of themselves and open up doors to the future.


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