The Minister writes


Dear All,

I do hope that we’ve all had some opportunity for rest and relaxation and quality time with loved ones over recent weeks and I hope that as a Church, we are all feeling energised and even excited as we return to our usual routines, roles and responsibilities.

Now, as September begins, I think it’s fair to say that for some, if not many of us, there is that sense of a new year, a new season.  Of course, much of what we will be doing as a Church over the coming year will be established, regular, familiar and important to us as we serve God together and we are deeply thankful for all we are able to do and offer at Christ Church. 

Additionally, based on what we’ve already decided or at least decided to explore, other aspects of our Church life may be new or developing, and this is so exciting! For example, we could mention the following: our new Lectern and Pew Bibles which are soon to be dedicated and brought into service, the ongoing development of our worship ministry to embrace relevant and meaningful new songs and hymns, discussions on the possibility of having screens with modern technology installed in our Sanctuary and our new focus on our care for Creation at this critical time for the Earth.

 Furthermore, there may be other developments and ministries that come to your mind and as we seek to follow Christ together over the coming months, there may well be other new possibilities for us to explore as a Church.  In all we are and in all we do, whether in our established ministries, developing areas of service or in new, so far unknown possibilities, may we remain thankful and expectant as we trust in God to continue his good work among us and through us in this next season.

Every blessing,

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